What do people say............

About my talk "The Battle of the IDEs"

Great talk with an informal point of view ... very nice.

Very funny speaker. At first, I thought it was going to be a boring conf but I was so wrong! We enjoyed the pokemon jokes.

TIL that you can have a Nyan cat progress bar in IntelliJ // @KoTurk77at #JavaZone
Nice talk about IDE 's at #JavaZone from
@KoTurk77! Personally I love the #vscode numbers!
This talk by @KoTurk77 is going to be fun 
Main takeaway: Try another IDE for a day.
I was able to watch parts of your talk at
@javazone and really enjoyed it!
Thx for talk yesterday @KoTurk77 learned a lot of cool stuff ! And I can’t imagine a life anymore, without my nyan cat progresses bar